• New York

    new york bridge

    On my quest to become a world traveler I figured “why not start at home”. Afterall the United States is a HUGE country with a lot of diversity and we have New York which is the financial capital of the world (umm hummm, Wall Street).

    My interest are less Wall Street and more main street though =) I’m more drawn to Time Square and Central Park than Bank street (I really don’t need to be reminded how low my funds are….).

    Anyway, I timed my first trip around Christmas so I could see the city lit up like… well, Christmas! I grabbed my super thick peacoat, thick scarf, long johns, stocking hat, wool gloves, wool socks and snow bibs under it all (not exaggerating and if you are heading to New York in December you should do the same!). The main reason is not the cold but the wind rushing through the buildings. I’m glad my friends let me know before I braved that cold unprepared!

    My number one spot on my list (the Rockefeller Center skating rink) was my first step. You can thank “Sleepless in Seattle for this”. I also found out that there are a bunch of other movies with the rink in scenes too like Spider man, Elf and Home Alone 2. Pretty cool. It was everything I thought it would be! … except maybe the one biff that I did that sent me crashing hard to the ground. Still worth it though!

    After my dancing with the stars impersonation I did the new york thing to do and grabbed some Hot Chocolate and hot dogs from the nearest cart. I say it’s the “New York” thing to do because there were a ton of other people standing around doing the same thing. We all could have been tourist but at least I felt like I fit in pretty well clutching my cocoa.

    The next stop on my list was FAO Schwarz toy store (because it’s Christmas!) which is on 5th Avenue. (side note: Doesn’t “5th Ave”. just sound stupid rich? This store was several stories of awesomeness centered around a gigantic Christmas tree and an enormous toy train on rails. Sweet! My “Shinny Ball” syndrome kicked into overdrive as I ran from one item to the next. My Shinny Ball syndrome was a bit dulled down when I saw some of the price tags though. Good thing for me I have Amazon Prime. I can wait 2 days for half price =)

    After my sticker shock scare I went over to the most iconic place (well, one of them) in New York. Central Park. Bethesda plaza to be exact. There wasn’t any snow on the ground so my magic visions of kids laughing on sleighs was not realized but there were a lot of families sporting smiles which kind of made up for it. I want to come back in the summer when I know this place will be frisbees and dog park central. Maybe I can bring me bike.

    While I was at Central park I walked on over to Belvedere Castle (who knew there is a freaking CASTLE in central park? It’s a miniature castle but still a castle. It’s actually a weather observation center now (i’m not sure what it was before). How cool would it be to live here? Foret views of Central

    I’ll be back in the summer to keep exploring so stay tuned!




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