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    Ok, so I have a confession to make. I have not actually been to Japan (yet) but I have a good friend that just got back so i’ll tell you what they told me and try to share their experience second-hand (but keep the magic).

    My friend Holly got to go to Japan and stay with a homestay family because is is a Japanese language major. (I took a couple years of French but no parlez-vous Francais¬†if you know what I mean)… I actually had to look that up!

    So, back to Japan (Tokyo to be exact):

    The first thing  Holly told me is

    “you know how all Japanese people are short? They are not all short anymore”. I thought that was a strange thing to say.. I mean, with all the cool modern buildings, lights that dwarf the big apple and video games flying everywhere that’s what she opened with? It did intrigue me though so I dropped the inevitable “what do you mean” so she explained.

    The diet in Japan was mostly fish and seafood over the last several generations but as the Japanese become more accustomed to western diets (I.E. Red Meat) you will noticeable see their change in height.

    Now that random fact is out of the way let’s get to the other stuff!

    First up, Toyko:

    She said “Toyko is like New York if every block of New York was time square”


    Then she followed up with the line “oh, and if you thought the New York subway was crowded it would like like you had room to do gymnastics compared to the Tokyo subway

    …. ummmm… bummer

    She also told me that unlike other companies she visited they people were not as “open” or talkative. They were very polite but more reserved. I guess it’s part of their culture.

    She went on and on about the Sushi (there was a lot of Sushi). … great, now I want some Sushi. =(

    One of her favorite things she did while she was in the country was go to the Meiji Shrine. It’s a Shinto shrine dedicated to a 19th century emperor that started trade deals with the west (Japan was very isolated from western influence for a very very long time).

    Besides the sightseeing and binge eating she told me that the fashion was crazy. Sure you had everything from hoodies to business suits but she expressed her joy at how many people were dressed up in Cosplay (for you that do not know what Cosplay is it’s “Costume play”). Welcome to the land of people dressed up like everything from Zelda to superheros. I’m pretty sure I saw the entire cast of Frozen walk by as well (including Olaf the adorable snowman!).

    I’m planning a trip myself as soon as I get the funds and will give you a first-person account asap!

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