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    Germany is a beautiful country with a lot to see. My favorite thing about it has to be all the old stone building and cobblestone streets. I timed my trip┬áso I would arrive during “Keil Fest” which is the largest sailing event in the world. I did not get to do much sailing but there was a lot of energy in the air and everyone really was in a festive mood.

    I was also surprised by the sheer number of tourists… so many in fact that I ran into several Americans every single day. Something else that was very nice was that a lot of the population spoke English (which is great because I took French not German). Although I was not drinking age when I went I was pleasantly surprised that that you only have to be 18 to grab a “horn” of ale over there. … I’m not a big drinker but when in Rome… (or Germany in this case)….

    Something that also surprised me is that there were a ton of ships from Navy’s all around the world docked in port. I got to meet sailors (men and women) from all around the world. Did you know that the english Navy lets their sailors drink on their ships and also lets men and women hang out in each other rooms. The American sailors I talked to told me that this was not the case and one even jokingly said he was revoking his citizenship.


    By the way, if you do not know where Kiel is then i’ll tell you =) it’s very far north almost to Denmark. It’s bordered by the Baltic Sea as well (to the north east).

    The even brought out some “classic” german outfits that you really think of when you think of Germany. Thinks like plaid skirts and long white socks. There was a lot of singing as well. Truly, it was an amazing time where no matter where you were from you felt like a German full of National pride.

    I had several Germans tell me how much they loved Americans (and just a couple that didn’t). Apparently they watch our Reality T.V. as well which is a bit frightening… I thought it was only sapping American lives.

    If I was going to describe a German I would have to say they are 90% American with a bit more happiness in their step, cheer in their smiles and warmth in their hearts. I could never picture any of the Germans I met living in New York for example. No wonder it’s the land of fairies and myth!

    I’ll keep you updated as I explore more of this beautiful country!

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