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Welcome to Heather Renee Packing Bags! I’m currently a hostel living postgraduate that has a bit too much debt and not enough income (but that probably describes most of us these days!). I’m going to try my best to live my dream to travel and write with the hopes of making enough money by freelance writing  not to starve to death.

Heather Renee

I’m going to keep moving until my savings dries up, I land a dream job (anyone hiring a traveling writer by chance?) or my health gives out. Maybe I will meet some of you lovely people while i’m out and about traveling the world!

I guess if I want you to follow me I should probably tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Powhatan Virginia, My dad owns a Paving company, My mom is the manager of the best roofing company in Richmond VA (and part owner of a Charlottesville Roofing company as well) and I worked as a masseuse while I went to college for writing at VCU (Go Rams!)

I have a little sister in High School and a little brother in pre-k. My parents are wonderful loving people and I guess I had an “average” upbringing (having cows as neighbours is normal right?). My favorite books are “Eat, Pray, Love” and the “Hobbit”. My favorite quote is “Not all that wander are lost” by J.R.R. Tolkien . And YES!, I loved the hobbit before it was a blockbuster movie. I even had a gold leafed copy growing up. Right between the Holy Bible and “Backyard Chickens”…. Hmm, now I look back I guess we did not really have a shelf ordering system for our books.=)

The reason I want to pack my bags and go is so that I can expand my horizon past my netflix subscription and see the big-beautiful world and all meet as many of the wonderful people in it as I can. Some of my top dream destinations are:

– Tokyo Japan – I would like to see the super advanced cities and the highlands that still has monks!

– Hong Kongchina

– China – Let’s see how great that wall really is!

– Ireland – It looks beautiful!

– Singapore (funny they call it “Pore”, it’s the wealthiest place on earth per capita!)

– Vegas – Because, shouldn’t everyone go to Vegas?

– The Caribbean Islands

– Paris paris

– Utah and the Grand Canyon

– Madrid Spain (although, no bull fights for me!)

– Aztec Ruins (or Mayan Ruins would be ok too!)

– Rome and other places in Italy

– Englandengland

– Sweden and Norway (they seem very similar to me… but i’ll let you know if I still think that when I get there!)

– New York (yes, I know but i’ve never been there! Maybe I will start here because it’s so close….)

– New Orleans for Mardi Gra

– Miami

….. The list could go on and on but unfortunately my budget does not….   Still, everyone had to start out somewhere right? Ooo! I just remembered another great quote: “Many a false step is made by standing still ” (Pattie LaBelle said that!). To me, it means get moving!

I hope you decide to follow my blog so I can keep living my dreams and keep packing my bags!

Heather Renee